ACENT awarded Phase 2 Contract from NASA to continue development of scramjet ignition technology

Manorville, NY, June 1, 2011 – ACENT Laboratories has announced the award of a Phase 2 SBIR contract from NASA to continue development of an innovative scramjet ignition technology. The compact safe cold start (CS)2 system is based on the reaction of non-pyrophoric mixtures of jet fuel and triethylaluminum (TEA) with small amounts of water to pre-vaporize the fuel prior to ignition. According to Dr. Scott Gallimore, ACENT Senior Engineer and Principal Investigator for the project “the (CS)2 system has a number of very attractive features including highly compact packaging, safe storability, and high performance for a variety of applications including cold-start, engine re-light and combustion-assist during critical mission segments”.

ACENT Laboratories LLC is a small business founded in 2007 to serve the Aerospace and Clean Energy Technology industries. The ACENT team is comprised of leading aerospace, defense and environmental scientists and engineers with experience managing and executing complex multidisciplinary technology development and demonstration projects for NASA, the DoD, and other organizations. With the skills gained and hard-won lessons-learned from these past projects, ACENT provides high-quality engineering services and applied technology/product development to a wide variety of customers including the US Department of Energy, US Air Force, NASA, and a range of public and private corporations. Headquartered on Long Island NY, ACENT has operations in Virginia including a laboratory facility in Hampton where experimental work in biofuels and combustion is conducted.